Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My story.

have struggled with weight for as long as I can remember.  Even though I was an active child always running around and playing, I was still the “chubby” kid.  As a teenager, I would think how unfair it was that my friends could eat junk food and stay skinny, yet I would eat it and see the scale climb up.  I first started dieting when I was 17, and for the next 6 years I would try every diet I could think of.  My weight would go down 20-30lbsand then back up 40-50lbs. But on March 17, 2009, age 23, weighing in at 259lbs,  I decided to take control of my life. 

I started to focus on small changes in my diet, like not eating carbs at dinner time, and trying to eat a lean cuisine everyday at lunch.  I went to the gym more frequently, and working harder when I was there.  I love the way going to the gym and eating healthymakes you feel, but despite how great that feeling is, it’s still easy to fall into a slump.  Iwould work out consistently and eat right, then all of a sudden fall off the wagon.  That cycle repeats its self often, it’s been 4 years and I still do this.  Weight control is something that will always be a battle for me.  But when I started this journey, I came up with a theory, and it has been something I have lived by for the past 4 years, “You'll never fail if you never give up.”  Every time I go off track, that saying gets me right back on track. 

When I started my weight loss journey I thought I would lose a 100lbs in a year.  Its over 4 years later and I weigh, 169lbs, exactly 90lbs loss since the start.  I still haven’t reached that weight, but I still haven’t given up and now I am closer than ever, and look and feel better than I ever have.  I will be the first to admit I am not the healthiest Icould be.  I love greasy takeout food, sweets, beer, wine all the foods that our “unhealthyfor you, but somewhere along the way I have learned to manage it.   This blog will be about the ways I have learned to manage my weight, try and find ways to be healthy and most importantly maintain happiness through it all. 

Here are some pictures that will show all the process I have made. It's been a slow progress but I've come far.

Weight about 245lbs (I couldn't even find a pic from my heaviest!)

Weight about 230lbs

Weight abt 215lbs

Weight about 205lbs

Weight about 200lbs

Weight about 195lbs

Weight about 190lbs

Weight about 180lbs

Weight about 170lbs

Again about 170lbs 

Weight about 165lbs, yep iv gained about 4lbs since this pics, like I said before, it will always be a battle for me! 

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