Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vacation vacation vacation

Maybe one day I will be able to write a blog about how I went on vacation and ate healthy all week... This how ever is not that day! I spent a wonderful week with my family in Sea Isle City NJ last week, and boy did I eat and drink my way threw vacation! Every time I am on vacation I over indulge, which is fun at first, but ends with me feeling nauseous and bloated. But the good thing about stuffing my face for a week, is that when the week is over, I am recharged and remotivated!  All my food cravings are satisfied and I'm ready to feel healthy again! And I plan on stepping things up from my normal routine, on Wednesday I will be going to my first crossfit class, which I am extremely nervous/excited about. 

After having lost a large amount of weight  I am curious to see how toned my body is even capable of getting. My sister told me about the blogger "Skinny Meg" and I saw she posted a before weight training and after weight training picture. This picture motivated me so much! It's amazing what toning can do to your body.

I can't believe I'm posting this... But maybe it will give me motivation to stick with it and one day be able to post my after picture, but for now, this is my before picture.

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