Thursday, July 18, 2013

The awesomeness of UP by Jawbone.

Sometimes the hardest part of dieting is not seeing results as quickly as you would like.  There has to be patients involved and a clear mindset of the BIG picture.  Just remember, the days are going to go by no matter what, so a little progress each day will eventually add up to a lot of progress.  That being said, there IS a way to track your progress and every day feel like you are making a difference.

UP by Jawbone is this cool bracelet, that tracks your steps and sleep, but it does a whole lot more than that! UP is designed for people who want to get to know their body better.  Based on your age, the program will recommend the amount of sleep and steps you should get per day.  For my age (28) it recommends I get 8 hours of sleep and 10,000 steps a day.  I have reach my sleep goal often but my step goal only once.  Its summer time and I have been lazy/busy doing fun stuff.  BUT seeing my steps has put me in such a different mindset. I am definitely one of those people who go and work out at the gym, but am lazy the rest of the day.  Recently though, I have been trying to get my steps in, by doing things other than working out.  Taking the train into the city and walking around, I live 10 minutes outside of Philadelphia.  Going for walks outside, or a walk on the beach.  Even at work, I have noticed I will be volunteering to take deliveries down the hall, anything to get my steps up.  It also helps that my sister has one as well, which creates a little friendly competition.   UP is made to work with weight loss apps that are already in existence, so it syncs with my Lose it app.  All the food I enter into Lose it will show up on my UP news feed, and on my Lose it news feed, it will tell me how many calories I need to burn to get more calories to eat for the day.

The program doesn’t just tell you the number of steps it tells you all kinds of stuff about the steps you take.

It also gives you information regarding your sleep patterns… I need more deep sleep!

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